Unit 11: Our greener world - Pronounciation

Thứ sáu - 17/06/2022 18:26
Task 1. Choose the word whose main stressed syllable is placed differently from that of the other
1. A. finite              B. highlight           C. highway            D. financial

2. A. manage          B. report                C. resort                 D. undo
3. A. repeat            B. create                C. creature             D. receipt
4. A. design           B. postcard            C. bamboo             D. refine
5. A. palace            B. human              C. lantern               D. undone
6. A. well-known   B. import (n)         C. picnic                D. future
7. A. design           B. symbol              C. impose              D. export (v)
8. A. building       B. country              C. major                 D. describe
9. A. historic         B. visitor                C. skyscraper         D. dangerous
10. A. dirty            B. around               C. noisy                 D. peaceful
11. A. reuse            B. reduce               C. prepare              D. mention
12. A. rubbish        B. angry                 C. canal                 D. nature
13. A. pollute         B. effect                 C. picture               D. unique
14. A. picnic          B. reduce               C. plastic                D. water
15. A. bottle           B. paper                 C. symbol              D. reuse

Task 2. Circle the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently
1. A. afternoon       B. can                    C. lack                   D. animal         
2. A. paper             B. way                   C. prepare              D. later         
3. A. party              B. glass                  C. plant                  D. plastic    
4. A. happy            B. match                C. package             D. save       
5. A. swap              B. vase                  C. watch                D. want         
6. A. recycle          B. environment     C. charity               D. invite
7. A. paper             B. bag                   C. plastic                D. natural
8. A. cousin           B. cycle                C. encourage           D. container
9. A. breathing       B. green               C. breeze                D. bread
10. A. saved           B. polluted           C. enjoyed             D. reused


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